How do I know when to enter?
Answer: You need to study candlestick charts. This is going to take some effort on your part. This is not a get rich quick service. This is a service that gives you a winning edge in the stock market. You will get all the tools you need to decide if you want to drive the car or not. It’s totally your call.

How do I get unlimited day trades ?
Answer: 2 ways, can either get your account to a 25k balance OR you can switch to a cash account on Webull or Robinhood ( No 25k required )

When do I sell?
Answer: 1 thing I can tell you is greed destroys accounts in this market. Going for large gains each trade will end up hurting you.

How much money should I use ?
Answer: You should not be using any money that you need. Stock trading is risky. Especially penny stocks. You need to manage your own risk.

What is a trading plan?
Answer: Each trader should have their own risk / reward measured BEFORE entering a position. You should already know how much you are willing to lose in order to go for a profit. Keep losses small and let your winners ride.

Do you offer 1:1 training?
Answer: No. Sorry I trade, alert and have a family at home. I do not offer 1:1 training as of yet.

How should I go about starting?
Answer: If you are really new to stocks, you should paper trade first. DO NOT use real money until you have got some experience. The alerts service can help you get a kick start with seeing valuable information but I still suggest you to go slow and learn to drive the car first before getting on the freeway. ( jut a reference I always use )

Can you trade for me and I just give you some money ?
Answer: Absolutely not. That is illegal.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Click Here – All information is here. You can cancel at anytime. You are responsible for your own account management, is NOT responsible if you forget to cancel your own account before it renews.

What is the refund policy? 
NO REFUNDS ONCE A SESSION HAS STARTED. So if you were billed at 7am Monday and 5pm Monday you want a refund, then you will not get a refund. BUT if you ask for a refund over the weekend while market is closed then you will get a refund. We are not in the business of babysitting accounts. You should know your own billing date. 


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